Introduction: How to Build a Tiny Hut

Build the tiny hut only using very powerful double-stick tape.

We don't use a screwdriver and a screw at all.

Because how to use is easy, anyone can treat the double-stick tape.

Step 1: Spread Plywood

Spread plywood on the ground. Build the hut on this top.

Step 2: Put a Foundation

Put a foundation in a rectangular.

Step 3: Build a Pillar

Build a pillar. Attach a base and a pillar together with double-stick tape.

Step 4: Tie a Pillar

Tie a pillar with a beam and build a rafter.

Step 5: Fix a Pillar

Fix a pillar in brace. It is considerably firm in this state.

Step 6: Put Plywood on the Roof

Put plywood on the roof.

Step 7: Attach the Plywood

Attach the plywood only with double-stick tape.

Step 8: Put the Plywood on the Wall

Put the plywood on the wall. The thickness of the plywood is 9mm.

Step 9: Put a Cedar Board on the Wall

Put a cedar board on the wall and finish it.

Step 10: Put a Cedar Board on the Eaves

Put a cedar board on the eaves.

Step 11: Congratulation!!

It is completion!

Because I used only the double-stick tape, it was very easily built! ;)

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