Introduction: How to Build a Wooden Coffee Table

These instructions will help you build your own wooden coffee table for less than $50. Finding quality furniture for a good price can be difficult, read these instructions carefully and you will learn how to construct a quality coffee table. This does not require advanced skills or tools, so this is a good project for everyone. In fact, this project took only took me around 4 hours to complete. For $50 and a small amount of your time, you can build a table guaranteed to find a spot in your home.

Safety Warning: Using a drill or a saw without the proper protective gear can result in severe accidents. Wear goggles and gloves when working with these tools.


4 3inx4in 36in long square poplar dowel

2 1x4 12ft Pine Boards

1 3x4 4ft Pine Board


3’’ wood screws



Wood Stain

Brush/ Roller and a Tray

Glasses/ Goggles


Step 1: Prep

1. First, measure 18-inch segments on the poplar dowels and mark with a pencil.

2. Cut 4 18-inch segments for the legs.

Step 2: Prep

1. Measure 5 36-inch segments of the 12-foot pine boards and mark with a pencil

2. Now cut your 5 36-inch segments from the 12-foot boards.

Step 3: Prep

1. Then measure two 17-inch segments from the remaining 12-foot pine board.

2. Cut two 17-inch segments from the 12-foot pine boards.

Step 4: Prep

1. Measure one 19-inch support board from the remaining 12-foot pine board.

2. Cut the 19-inch support board from the 12-foot pine board.

Step 5: Construction

Now you may start putting together your table.

Step 6: Construction

1. First grab two legs and a 24-inch support board. Measure 4 inches up from the bottom of the legs and mark with a pencil. Align the bottom of your support board with this 4-inch marking and drill in 2 screws on each side.

2. Repeat the process on the other side. It is important to make sure all the pieces are properly aligned before drilling them together.

Step 7: Construction

1. Now grab the 19-inch support beam and the legs you just assembled. Place this board in the middle of the legs lying flat with each end touching support. Measure 12 inches from the middle of the support on each side to ensure it is centered and begin screwing together.

Step 8: Construction

1. Grab the two 17 inch supports and place them in-between the legs on the short side. Make sure to measure a ¼ inch and place the 17-inch boards that much higher to ensure the top planks have somewhere to lie. Drill each of the 17 inch supports to the legs.

Step 9: Construction

1. Now you may begin putting your top boards on. Line the screws up with the 17-inch support board and place 2 screws on each end of each board.

Step 10: Completion

1. Now you may decorate your table how you like; I would recommend a waterproofing process if you wish to paint your table and if not, a wood stain will work just fine.