Introduction: How to Build a Working Lego Balisong!(easy)

You wanna balisong, but you only have legos. Great! I will show you how to build one of these sweet flipper thingies! Good luck!

Step 1: Step One(Gather Materials)

Materials(bottom to top):

2 long 15 pin long beams

2 little axle thingies

A 3 pin long beam

a 11 pin long beam

A sharp thingamabob

2 closed end axles 3 pins long

1 3 pin long axle

Another 3 pin long beam

pin/axle zinger

2 black pins

I long blue double pin.

Step 2: Step Two( Put the Pivot Together)

So first you use the two 15 pin long beams and put the closed end axles in each of the ends. Then for the 11 bean long one, you put the short end of the big blue double pin in. Then you put them all onto one 3 pin long beam, short one in the middle. Pivot done!

Step 3: Step Three (securing Pivot)

Just, uhhhh… Slip the 2 axle thingies onto the 2 side axle handle pieces.

Step 4: Step 4(add Spike)

Put the pin in the pin part of the axle/pin thing and put the axle in too. Then put the spike thingamabob into the axle part. Then attach to the blade. Optional: Add the 3rd 3 pin long beam on top of the first 3 pin long beam to make it look better.

Step 5: You Are Done!

Cool! Now flip with ease! Don't forget to post what you did below!

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