Introduction: How to Build the SimpleBotics SimpleBot!

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The SimpleBot is one of SimpleBotic's first robots, and its a pretty fun kit.
This little critter is under $15.00 and makes a great project for kids, teens, and adults!
Here is what you will need to build your very own SimpleBot.

1x pagermotor
1x LED (you pick the color)
1x CR2032 battery holder
1x CR2032 battery
1x paperclip


1x heatshrink tubing (again, you pick the color)


soldering iron

Step 1: Setting Up the Body

First off, were gonna have to make the chassis for our little bot. The first step is get your LED and a piece of heatshrink if you chose to use heatshrink, and if you didnt skip this step. Now, clip a piece off of the heat shrink then put it over the LED put leave the tip of the LED visible so it can still emit light. Then get your soldering iron and shrink up that heatshrink.

Now the second step is get the battery pack and locate the "-" lead and the "+" lead and then solder on the LED leads to the leads on the battery pack. We have now set up our robots body.

Step 2: Preparing the Motor and Legs

This step is fairly easy, all you need to do is trim the wires to a short length, and bend your paperclips to small "legs". After you have bent your paperclip "legs" you can now add heatshrink tubing to the legs for extra "pizzaz."

Step 3: Putting It All Together

Now that we have all of our parts ready and assembled we can wire on the motor and attach the legs. So first off you need to solder on your motor wires to the battery holder and then hotglue on the metal legs.

Step 4: Your All Done!

Congrats, your all done creating your very own SimpleBot! Thanks for reading and have fun building other robot critters! Remember to check out,

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