Introduction: How to Carve Chalk People!

Ever had a lot of chalk and not enough sidewalk to draw on? Here's a fun, kid-friendly craft that anyone can do when they're bored. Here's how you make some new little colorful friends!


For this project, all you need are your fingernails and a stick of chalk!

Step 1: Collect Supplies

All you need is chalk!

Step 2: Start Carving the Eyes

First step is to press your thumbnail into the chalk where the eyes are going to be, then press two more lines right above the first ones.

Step 3: Finish Carving the Eyes

Place your fingernail in one of the lower marks you made and carefully push it up to make the first eye. Do this several times until the eye reaches the desired height. Repeat for the other eye. (If pushing up to make the eye doesn't work for you, try going from the top to the bottom instead.)

Step 4: Carving the Mouth and Chin

Now that the eyes are done, you can move on to the mouth. Push your fingernail into the chalk stick a little less than a centimeter below the eyes. When your nail is entered, push up slightly to make a little frown mouth. (If you desire a smile, flip the chalk upside-down and then follow this step.) Repeat until it is the desired size, making sure not to invade into the eyes. If you want a chin, just make two creases right below the mouth.

Step 5: Begin Carving the Necktie

Begin the necktie by making a diamond right below the chin, or mouth, with your nail. This is the knot of the tie. Now make a longer diamond below the knot for the rest of the tie. Now carve two parallel lines all of the way around the chalk man's neck for the collar.

Step 6: Finish Carving the Necktie

To make the tie pop out (3-dimensional), carve a layer off of the chalk person all around the tie and below the collar.

Step 7: Begin Carving the Top Hat

Now add one more accessory! For the top hat, carve a line all the way around the top of the head, less than half a centimeter above the eyes. Make sure that it is straight, then carve a circle on the top of the head.

Step 8: Form the Top Hat

Carefully start chipping the section between the two previously made lines off of the top of the head. Begin smoothing the brim and the top of the hat so that they are level. Now, smooth the sides of the crown so that they are perfectly parallel.

Step 9: Finish Carving the Hat

To make the brim of the top hat, carve a line around the whole head and then scratch off a layer below that to make it stick out a little. Be very gentle above the eyes.

Step 10: Finished!

Now you have a handsome little chalk man to play and draw with! Have some more fun and make more of your own chalk people!

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