How to Carve a Ken Bone Pumpkin - the Bonekin!



Introduction: How to Carve a Ken Bone Pumpkin - the Bonekin!

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I carve a Ken Bone Pumpkin for Halloween - The Bonekin!

#MakeHalloweenGreatAgain #ThePumpkinWeNeed

Step 1: Preparing the Pattern

I was inspired by this Obama Hope pumpkin someone carved some while ago. This type of Pumpkin carving is a 3 colour or 3 shade design.

There are areas where the carving is solid, some areas where half is carved and other areas where it is completely carved out.

I grabbed this Ken Bone image that was similar to the Obama Hope poster. I cut it down to 3 primary colours. And then I converted it to gray scale.

What I didn’t take into account was that it would have been easier to have the cutouts be darker

Step 2: Emptying the Pumpkin

I then printed the design patter on a piece of paper. After which, I sized the design on my would be pumpkin.

I started by cutting into the pumpkin and emptying the guts. I used a plastic ice cream scoop as well as a spoon to get the insides out.

Step 3: Taping the Pattern to the Pumpkin

Realizing the pumpkin was too small for the detail, I decided to do the carving without the text.

Step 4: Cutting Around the Pattern

With the pattern taped on to the pumpkin, I began by cutting around the various areas of the pattern. With most of the pattern transferred to the pumpkin, I traced out more of the lines for more detail.

I then got out my rotary tool since otherwise it was going to take me forever to complete this carving.

Step 5: Working the Intricate Details

With most of the shaded areas carved out with the rotary tool, I started to cut out various areas. I even used a hand planer for one of the shaded areas

Step 6: Cutting Out the Various Parts

I cut out the areas that needed to be removed

Step 7: Testing the Pumpkin

To test out the look of the pumpkin, I used a light bulb and turned off the lights. It would have been more obvious if I had left the word BONE on the bottom.

Like Ken Bone, I’m undecided whether I like how the Bonekin turned out.

Step 8:

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