How to Change Your Oil

Introduction: How to Change Your Oil

Materials needed: - Engine oil -Oil filter -Oil filter gasket

Tools needed: - Rags - Rubber mallet - Safety glasses - Wrench set - Oil filter wrench - Funnel - Oil pan - Container for used oil

Time to Complete: approximately 20 minutes

First you will need to purchase a new oil filter. An economy oil filter is good for approximately 3,000 miles, this is why you must change your oil ever 3,000 miles. You want to research the type of oil your car calls for (the type and weight of oil), this is found in the owner's manual.

TIP: If the engine is cold, start it and let it run for five minutes to warm the oil. If it’s hot, wait at least 30 minutes to avoid getting burned.

1.) Get a tarp to lay out on the floor underneath of your car.

2.) Pull your car up on a pair of wheel ramps.

TIP: Place all tools needed in a tray so you have them in one place, making it an arm's reach away.

3.) Place the container to catch the old oil underneath the plug to catch stream of oil.

4.) Unscrew the plug located on the bottom of the oil pan and quickly pull it out and away from the oil stream. Clean the drain plug and install a new gasket (if required).

5.) Crank off the old oil filter and make sure the rubber gasket comes with it. If not, peel it from the engine.

6.) Smear a small amount of new oil on the new filter's gasket, then install.

7.) When the oil stream gets down to a drip, replace the gasket on the plug.

8.) Tighten the plug by tapping the box-end wrench with the rubber mallet.

9.) Wipe the drips with a rag and you’re done under the car.

10.) Add fresh oil by refilling the engine using a funnel and recap the bottle (to prevent spills) before you toss it into the recycling bin.

11.) Pour used oil into a large container For disposal of old material, find an oil recycling center in your neighborhood to dispose of old oil and the filters.

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