Introduction: How to Change a Bike Inner Tube

When your tire flats on a bike ride, your first thought is 'how am I going to get home?’ Your second thought might be ‘when do I have the time to pack my bike up and take it to the local shop and get it fixed?’ This will tell you how to save time and money by changing a bike tube on your own.


Two (2) Tire Levers

New Inner Tube

Bike Pump


Step 1:

With all the air out of the tire, insert one of the tire levers on the in between the rim and the tire making sure the lip of the lever is under the tire and pry upwards. As you pry the lever the tire will come over the side of the rim (If the other end of the tire lever has a hook, place the hook on the spoke, that allows to use of a free hand).

Step 2:

With the other tire lever repeat the process about 1-2 inches away from where you started. As the tire comes over the side of the rim move the lever along the inside of the tire until one side of the tire is completely over the rim.

Step 3:

Repeat the process in step 2, there should be little resistance. Remove the tire and the punctured tube completely from the rim. In some cases, you are able to get the tube off before the tire.

Step 4:

Take the new tube and inflate it until it becomes a circular and is slightly inflated. Then, Insertthe valve of the tube through the rim and sit the tub on to the rim.

Step 5:

Put the tire back on to the rim of the wheel so both sides of the tire stick out with the tube in between the tire and the wheel.

Step 6:

Starting at the valve squeeze the tire in between the rims, the tire should stay as you make your way around the wheel. At the start there should be little resistance setting the tire in place. PRO TIP: line the label of the tire up with the valve. Continue to make your way around the tire squeezing the tire into place. NOTE: Make sure the tube is not pinched between the rim and the tire. If it is, it will pop when you inflate the tube

Step 7:

When there is resistance when setting the tire use one hand to hold the tire, then use your palm and roll the tire onto the rim.

Step 8:

The tire should be set on the rim, check to make sure there is no pinching of the tube between the rim and tire. Finally, inflate the tire.