Introduction: How to Change an Engine Air Filter

Hi my name is Tanner.

Have you ever had to wait for someone to put an air filter in your vehicle before? Well I’m going to show you how to save money. By doing this yourself you no longer have to wait for a service tech to do it for you. With just 5 easy steps I’m going to show you how to complete this task. The reason why this is so beneficial is because it not only saves you time but it also saves the service techs time.

Step 1: Supplies

The first step: to changing the air filter is to make sure you have purchased a new one. If one has not been purchased or don’t know where to get one. They are available at all local parts stores.

Step 2: Opening the Hood

Second step: is to open the hood by using the hood latch. Almost all vehicles have a latch just under the hood that can be reached easily. After locating the latch, move one way or another to release it. Once the hood is open place safety prop up if needed.

Step 3: Airbox Location

Third step: is to locate the airbox, all airboxes are located either on top of the engine or off to one of the front sides. Note: That some air boxes may require a screwdriver to remove the lid of the air box.

Step 4: Remove Filter

Step four: once the air box has been located and cover removed, remove the old air filter and place the new one in the air box, be sure to install the new filter in the same direction as the old one. Note: check for any large debris in the box before installing new filter.

Step 5: Reinstall

Step five: After the new filter has been installed reinstall the airbox cover. Once the airbox cover has been securely reinstalled close the hood and the job is complete.