How to Change the Color of Microsoft Office 2007

Introduction: How to Change the Color of Microsoft Office 2007

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Office 2007's default color is blue; I'll show you here how to change it to silver or black.

EDIT: I recently discovered while writing up this blog post that doing this affects the following Office 2007 windows: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. It does not noticeably affect OneNote, InfoPath, or Publisher. I could not check Groove; I did not want to make an account.

Step 1: Click the Logo

Click on the little Microsoft Office logo in the top left corner of your window.

Step 2: Word Option

Click on Word Options, at the very bottom of the list

Step 3: Drop and Give Me Colors!

Make sure that the window is set to 'Popular' then click on the drop-down list that currently says 'Blue'

Step 4: Pick Your Poison

Choose either silver or black. I prefer black.

Then click OK.

Step 5: Ta-Da!

And thus, you are done. Enjoy your new colorific Office window.

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    Question 4 days ago on Introduction

    The borders are blue, black or silver but the page I type on is black. I want it to be white like it used to be. After I attempted to repair Windows 2007 everything went that way.


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