Charging Lithium Ion Battery Pack Using Foldable Solar Panel




Introduction: Charging Lithium Ion Battery Pack Using Foldable Solar Panel

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This is how I charge my 12V 24Ah (3S10P) Lithium Ion(Li-ion) Battery Pack using Foldable Solar Panel(18V5A) & CC CV BuckConverter (Model DP50V5A).

Very much useful during Camping, Field Events, Emergency Situation etc.

Step 1: Component Requirement

Part List for Charging:

1, 100W Foldable Solar Panel

2, CC CV Buck Converter (DP50V5A)

3, Lithium Ion Battery Pack (3S10P)

4, DC DC Cabel

5, 6A4 Diode

Step 2: 100W Foldable Solar Panel

In this setups I have used a 100W Capacity Foldable Solar Panel which is compact in size. 18V5A max it can perform. You may use any solar panel of 100W capacity which is more than the Battery Potential.

Step 3: Buck Converter

I have used a DC - DC Buck Converter "DP50V5A" which can step down the Input Voltage from 55V to required level and can handle max 5A.

Step 4: 3S10P Lithium-ion Battery Pack

This battery is built using 30No of 18650 Lithium ion Cell with a max capacity of 24Ah.

To see how to built one please click the link below,

Building 3S10P Lithium ion Battery Pack

This pack can only be charged till 12.6V. So make sure you charge them below this Level.

Step 5: Putting All Items in Place

  1. First Connect the Solar Panel to DC-DC Converter IN- IN+.
  2. Set the converter's Voltage to 12.33V. It is always good to charge the battery pack to 80% to have longer cycle life.
  3. Set the Current to 4.6A. It is always to good to charge the battery pack as rated in datasheet, in my case it is 10 in parallel.(.2C) is recommended -> 480mA x 10 = 4.8A, still i have set 4.6A to reduce the burden to DC-DC converter.
  4. Connect the OUT+ OUT- to Battery Pack
  5. Switch ON the Converter to Start Charging.

Step 6: Meter Readings at Glance

  • The meter with XT60 around is a DC Watt Meter connected at battery show the parameter at the battery .
  • The other one is the display of DP50V5A which shows the parameters from Solar, Set Values, OUTPUT Current and Voltage.

Step 7: Thermal View

This is the Heat signature captured at the time of Charging. The temperature at battery pack is the important fact to notice which is normal during the entire charging process.

Thanks for your time.

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    Question 3 years ago on Step 7

    whats the diode for and why?


    Answer 3 years ago

    To avoid current follow in Reverse Direction, basically for protection in this case