Introduction: How to Clean Leather Shoes

How to Clean Leather Shoes


  • Leather shoes
  • Leather shoe cleaner
  • Leather shoe conditioner
  • Old towel
  • 2-3 clean rags

Step 1: Prepare Your Area

  • Lay down an old towel or paper towels on your work surface so that you will not risk making a mess
  • You will also want to make sure that you are in a well ventilated area.

Step 2: Unlace Your Shoes

  • Unlace your leather shoes

Step 3: Remove Dirt

  • Remove any dirt or excess buildup from your shoe using a rag or brush

Step 4: Apply Solution to Rag

  • Apply an approximately dime-sized drop of leather cleaning solution to a clean rag

Step 5: Rub Cleaning Solution In

  • With your cloth, apply the cleaning solution to the shoe using gentle circular motions
  • You will see the leather begin to absorb most of the cleaner
  • If there is too little cleaning solution, add more and repeat this step
  • If there is too much cleaning solution, do not worry, we will deal with it next

Step 6: Remove Excess Solution

  • With a new, clean rag, wipe any excess leather cleaner off of the shoe

Step 7: Apply Conditioner to Rag

  • Grab a new rag and apply a dollop of leather conditioner to the rag
  • You will want a little bit more of conditioner compared to the cleaner (about a quarter-size drop)

Step 8: Rub in Conditioner

  • Thoroughly rub the conditioner into the shoe
  • You should rub it in until you can no longer see the liquid conditioner
  • If you run out of conditioner before thoroughly covering the entire shoe, it is ok to use more conditioner

Step 9: Let It Dry

  • Allow the shoe to dry for a minute or two, especially the first few times you condition the shoe
  • This lets the shoe absorb the conditioner a little bit more

Step 10: Re-Lace Your Shoes

  • Lace your shoes back up and you are done!