Introduction: How to Clean White Shoes- by Carter Byrd


Dirty pair of white shoes

small towel to wipe shoes



small bowl

all white shoe cleaner

Step 1: Use Towel to Wipe Obvious Dirt

You should see some immidiate improvement to the shoes with the less difficult dirt

Step 2: Remove Laces

Wash laces or replace if they are dirty

Step 3: Run Sink of Water and Put the Shoe Inside the Sink

make sure the water is warm. this will naturally help remove dirt from the shoe

Step 4: Put Water in a Bowl and Add Soap

this will help create a solution to clean the shoes

Step 5: Clean Shoes in the Water W/ the Soap

you should start seeing the shoe turn back to its original white

Step 6: Put Towels in Shoes

after soaking the shoes the inside may be wet so it is important to put plenty of towels in

Step 7: Let Shoes Dry for About 30 Minutes

It is important to make sure shoes are dry so the leather or material of the shoe is not damaged

Step 8: Apply All White Dirt Remover Spray

This will help polish the shoe and keep it from getting dirty in the future.

Step 9: Let the Spray Foam Up

this will allow for the foam to thoroughly remove dirt

Step 10: Wipe the Foam Off and Re-lace Shoes

At this point the shoes should be back to their original white form.