How to Clean Your Dog




Introduction: How to Clean Your Dog

Introduction:When you are finished reading this procedure you should be able to clean your dog.


-bath tub


-dog shampoo or regular shampoo


-dog groomer brush

-plastic cup


Step 1: Fill Your Tub

First, fill your bath tub with not to hot and not to cold water but slight in the middle so your dog doesn't burn or freeze, make sure the plug is in. If the water feels just right to your wrist than it should be good for your dog. Next, shut the tub off when it is about 10cm full so your dog doesn't have to be swimming in the bath tub.

Step 2: Get Your Materials

Second, grab a plastic cup any size, a towel, and your dog.

Step 3: Put Your Dog in the Tub

Third, gently put your dog into the tub and scoop water up with your cup and start pouring the water onto your dog to get them wet.

Step 4: Soap

Next, you squirt at least 2 squirts of dog shampoo or regular shampoo onto your hands and rub your hands together with the soap still on your hands.

Step 5: Scrub the Soap on Your Dog

Then, you scrub the soap all over your dog, but just be careful that you don't get soap in your dogs eyes because as you know it stings really bad.

Step 6: Wash the Soap Off

After that, start to fill up your plastic cup again and pour the water onto your dog and start to rub your hand where you put the water on your dog to help the soap come off of your dog. Continue this step until all of the soap is off of your dog.

Step 7:

Next, take the plug out of your tub and take your dog out of the tub and wrap your dog up in a towel.

Step 8: Dry Your Dog

After that, start to rub the towel with your dog in it to dry your dog. Continue this step until your dog is dry.

Step 9: Groom Your Dog

Finally, once your dog is dry get your dog groomer brush and start to groom your dog from its neck down. If you have a dog with long hair on its head, then gently brush their head and try not to poke your dogs eyes.

Step 10:


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    7 years ago

    Washing my sheltie I learned a few techniques along the way. First you will need 3 to 4 towels for a medium size long hair dog. Second, put the warm water in the tub as described in this Instructable. If your tub doesn't have a sizeable anti slip surface, lay a bath towel on the tub under water. Reason for this is because I learned that dogs get very anxious and stiffen up their legs if they they feel themselves slipping. Wash your dog with the cup or pitcher and your preferred shampoo. Third, drain the dirty water and refill the tub with your dog in the tub, but if your dog gets anxious from the noise of the faucet, use a hand shower sprayer to fill the tub because it makes less noise especially when it submerges. My dog didn't like the hand sprayer used directly on him. Fourth, drain the tub and let the dog get rid of excess water on him. Let him do his vigorous dog shake off in the tub. Squeegee him with your hands a few times and he'll do the shake off again. Repeat until he's no longer dripping. Lastly dry him off with your towels. For my dog, he hated the hair blower, again because of the harsh noise. I let him run around the house to naturally blow dry himself. Afterwards i brushed him with curved surface wire brush. The curve helps pull off the loose undercoat. He did not like that at all but there was no way around it.

    Other hints:
    Speak to your dog in a soft reassuring voice during the whole process. It will help to keep him calm.
    Give him a treat every time he calmly goes through an anxiety provoking moment to associate calm with reward. You do this enough times the dog will want to take a bath to get rewarded.
    Use a hair screen in your tub drain when you drain your tub to avoid costly plumber's bill.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I love the pictures, my 8 pound Cockapoo does not like water in his ears, so I put a small cotton ball in the outer shell of the ear, That seems to work for my pup. if i am in the tub he seems calmer too, or at least sitting at the edge


    7 years ago on Introduction

    looks like very easy on small size dogs :)

    I have medium and good luck,

    she doesnt like water as i do


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I love all the pictures and thanks for sharing how much shampoo we should use!

    Oh, dog cleaning is not a fun task! I am glad you gave your little guy lots of love after the bath :)