How to Connect Multiple Servo Motor With Microcontroller

Introduction: How to Connect Multiple Servo Motor With Microcontroller

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In this tutorial we will learn how to attach multiple servo motors with microcontroller like Arduino boards and etc. Servo motor operates at 5volt to 6volt and some amount of current in milli Amps. we can use one servo motor with microcontroller but multiple servo motors we can not use with it. because there is an issue with current. we can not make required current value what the multiple servo motors needed. I'm using four servo which are operated with external power supply of 5volt and 392mA maximum.

Servo Motor:

Servo motor is controlled by PWM (Pulse with Modulation) which is provided by the control wires. There is a minimum pulse, a maximum pulse and a repetition rate. Servo motor can turn 90 degree from either direction form its neutral position. The servo motor expects to see a pulse every 20 milliseconds (ms) and the length of the pulse will determine how far the motor turns. For example, a 1.5ms pulse will make the motor turn to the 90° position, such as if pulse is shorter than 1.5ms shaft moves to 0° and if it is longer than 1.5ms than it will turn the servo to 180°. it operate at PWM signal.

Step 1:

here we are operating all servo motors at 5volt and 5Amps maximum power supply. Servo motor at on load condition draw more current. from 0 to 180 rotatory motion all these servo motor draw 16 mAmp to 392mAmps.

when we apply load they will draw more current.

Step 2:

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