How to Control Appliances With IR Remote

Introduction: How to Control Appliances With IR Remote

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Controlling appliances with IR remote is nothing but when we press a button/key of a remote it generates digital pulse and transmit out in the form of IR radiation with a certain fixed frequencies. The output of the IR remote is received by IR receiver module and transfer pulse through its output pin to Arduino. Arduino compiles the code and gives specific output at assigned digital pin. The output of the Arduino is taken to the relay driver board through a connector .As per the give input to relay board it switches the appliances.

Step 1: Components

Arduino UNO

Relay Board



Ordinary IR remote

Step 2: Recording Data of IR Remote

Now upload the Code attached into the Arduino

As the output of the remote varies from remote to remote, to make use of the remote we have to know codes initially. So to record the codes of the remote we have to make a setup.

As per our project we connected tsop 1738 vcc to 5v supply of arduino,ground pin of tsop1738 to ground arduino and output pin of tsop 1738 to 11th digital pin of arduino. The arduino is programmed in such away that when it receives input it shows IR code of specific key in serial monitor of Arduino software.Note down the code displayed on serial monitor.

Step 3: Setting Up Arduino With Relay Board

After noting the codes of each key we have to program arduino once again to give inputs to relay driver board.

Now edit the code according to your remote output codes displayed in serial monitor in the code attached and upload it into arduino.

As per our project we connected tsop1738 ground,vcc,output is connected to ground, digital pin 13, digital pin 11 of arduino respectively .Relay driver board vcc,ground is connected to 5v output pin, ground of arduino respectively. Input pins 1,2,3,4 of relay driver board is connected to digital pins 7,6,5,4 of arduino respectively .Load of 230v AC is connected to NO pin of all relays of relay driver board and of relay driver board is connected to two pin plug holder individually,another pin of 2 pin holder is connected to neutral(ground) of 230v AC.

Step 4: Relay Module Tutorial

Step 5: Testing

If you have any doubts about this project please feel free to Comment.

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    I hav tried this, i am getting code on seial port but. When led is connected on place of relay its not working