Introduction: How to Convert 2 Ice-cream Tins Into a Hanging Basket Planter

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About The Hanging Basket Planter

The Hanging Basket Planter is simple yet entertainng project which is fun to build and requires less time in building. This Planter is made from waste materials to conserve resources. The tools used are also very simple which can be easily found in hardware stores.This hanging basket planter can be used for indoor or outdoor plants such as succulents or cactuses. It also consists 2 pots so it can be used for 2 plants and is space efficient. The build result is fantabulous and looks like bought from market and professionally designed.

Lets Start Building !!!

Step 1: Collecting Material and Tools

To start we need to gather some materials and tools. Lets start Collecting !!!

Materials :

  1. Two Ice Cream Tins With Caps ( Circular )
  2. PVC Pipe 25cm ( Any Thickness )
  3. Any Old Chain
  4. Popsicle Sticks
  5. Newspaper
  6. Spray Paint ( Color of Your Choice )
  7. Soil For Planting
  8. Plant ( Of your Choice )
  9. Super Glue
  10. Sanding Paper ( Optional)

Tools :

  • Soldering Iron
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scisssors
  • Knife

Step 2: Making Holes in Both the Ice-cream Tins

So after collecting the materials the first thing we do is Make hole in both the tins.

To start lets heat up the soldering iron. After the heating process we take the soldering iron and make the whole in both the tins as shown in the above picture. The purpose of making the whole in the tins is for the draining system of the planter so that the plant does not die.

It is a simple step as we just need to make a whole using a heated soldering iron.

Step 3: Making a Draining Plate for the Planter

The next step after the making the holes in the tin is Making a draining plate. The materials we require are Ice-Cream Tins Caps and Popsicle Sticks.

To start we heat up the glue gun. Next we take 2 popsicle sticks and cut them into 4 equal pieces. We stick those 4 pieces together using hot glue. It would make the half popsicle stick very thick.Make 2 sticks like these.Now using hot glue stick the popsicle sticks on the upper side of the ice cream tin cap as shown in the photo above. Please follow the pattern shown in the reference photo.

Repeat this process for both the Tins caps.

Now using hot glue stick the ice cream tin onto both the popsicle sticks (Do this for both tins). Now you will notice your ice cream tin is elevated on the cap. This will store the excess water released from your plants and not dirty your house.

Reference photos are given above.

Now your Draining Plate is ready !!!

Step 4: Connecting Your Ice-Cream Tins

Next step after making your draining plate is connecting both your Ice-Cream tins using a PVC pipe.

Lets Begin !!

Start by heating up a knife. Now Mark 12cm on your PVC pipe and cut it using a heated knife or a cutter, axe. Sand your PVC pipe to get better finishing (optional).

Next take both your tins that are now connected with the draining plate. You will notice an open end on your tin. Keep both the ends in opposite direction as shown in the reference photo.Mark 4cm above the draining plate. Now stick your PVC pipe on your markings using hot glue. If excess hot glue has come out cut the extra using a knife. For increasing the bonding and stabilty use super glue around the PVC pipe. This will reduce the chances of the pipe getting detached due to heavy weight.

Refer to the photos above !!

Step 5: Adding Another PVC Pipe

After both your tins are connected you need to add another PVC pipe for more stability.

Get to Work !!!

We will be repeating the same process as done in the previous step. Heat up a knife. Mark 9cm on your PVC pipe (adjust yours if it does not fit). Now stick your PVC pipe 3cm below from the top. You can use hot glue or super glue. I prefer super glue as the finishing is better.

Now both your tins will be more stable.

Step 6: Adding a Design

In this we add a cross pattern which we make with popsicle sticks.

Lets Begin !!!

We took 2 popsicle sticks nd stick them in the pattern of a cross on the PVC pipe as shown in the reference photo using hot glue, to gve more stability we did it on both the sides.

This will also look amazing in your model.

Step 7: Spray Painting Your Design

Now we need to spray paint our mode. For doing this I am using a Just Spray 928 Gold color. Start by spreading newspapers in an open area such as your balcony. Also paint your chain in the same color. Be sure to wear a pollution mask. Now paint your model.

After the entire unit is painted it will give a vow golden color look.

Step 8: Adding the Chain

This step is a little tricky but you will make it through easily.

Go !!!

Heat up your soldering iron. Now make 2 holes, one at the utmost right and one at the utmost left. Refer to the photos for more clarity.

Next, take the chain and tie the knots at both the ends as shown in the pictures. The length of the chain depends on you, whether you want it short or tall. Now try Hanging your planter on 2 screws. If it hangs you are sucessful.

Step 9: Adding Your Favourite Plant

After your planter is ready plant 2 of your favourite plants. I planted a cactus and a green leaf plant.. Now try hanging it again, If it bears the weight then Congratulations you have made your own hanging planter.

Step 10: Ready

Now your planter is fully ready. Put in your house, share it with your friends and enjoy life.

Hope so you enjoyed building this Hanging Basket Planter. If you did so please leave a comment . I also loved building this instructable for you all.

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