How to Create a Gomi-Pajama

Introduction: How to Create a Gomi-Pajama

First of all, you need to download the file by clicking the following URL,

The file is made by Adobe Illustrator, so you need to have an illustrator in your computer to edit this file.

This clothes is called 'Gomi-Pajama', and the purpose of this pajama is to know the garbage you need to throw when you look at the mirror, probably in the morning, after you wash your face.

Step 1: Change the Data!

If you double-click the top letter( “MON” in this picture), you can change the day if you desire to and show what garbage you need to throw. Moreover, when you click the check-mark appearing on the left part of chart and drag to any part, you can change what garbage you need to throw showing on the left side of the chart.

Step 2: Print the Data!

After arranging the data, you need to print the data on ironing sheet which allows you to print the digital-data on the cloth.

Step 3: Do Ironing!

After printing on the ironing sheet, you need to iron it on the cloth to make the sheet stick on the clothes.

Step 4: Additional(useful) Information

Finished? Also if you print this file ( ) on the back side of clothes, the shirt notifies what you can't do the laundry with(for example, watches, smart-phone, purses and so on).

Step 5: Finished?

Enjoy your life with gomi-pajama! Most useful pajama on this earth!

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    Very useful, perfect for those of us who take some time to fully wake up and need to still get stuff done!