How to Create a Linux Boot Drive (and How to Use It)

Introduction: How to Create a Linux Boot Drive (and How to Use It)

This is a simple introduction on how to get started with Linux, specifically Ubuntu.

Step 1: Collect Materials

First you will need a computer to set up the boot media, the computer you want to boot Linux on (they can be the same computer), and a flash drive.

Step 2: Insert USB Into the Computer

Get a USB drive and insert it into your computer, and open a web browser of your choice.

Step 3: Download Linux

Go to

Select the tab "download"

Then under "Ubuntu Desktop" click the green box "18.04 LTS', this will download the file

Step 4: Download Rufus

To turn what you just download into a boot drive you need to convert a USB into a boot drive, you can use any ".iso to usb" program, however i will show how to use Rufus.

To download Rufus go to

Scroll down and select "Rufus 3.9'

This will download the file

Step 5: Open Rufus

While the usb is inserted, and all files you want to keep are stored elsewhere as this will delete all files on the drive, open rufus, best way to do this is select the windows button on your desktop, and search "Rufus".

Step 6: Convert USB to Boot Media

While Rufus is open, select the drop down menu "device" and select the drive you wish to use.

Then select "select" and find where you downloaded the linux iso file (normally found under "downloads")

Then select "start" it should be near the bottom of the window

Two windows will follow, just click "ok" on both, it will take some time to complete

Step 7: Eject the Drive

After Rufus is finished doing its thing, safely eject the USB, and remove the drive.

Step 8: Boot Using the Drive

Collect the computer you wish to use to Linux on, and insert the USB into it

Make sure the computer is powered off, then power on the computer

As soon as you press the power button, click the f11 key repeatedly until a black screen with white text pops up.

Using arrow keys, select the drive that starts with “UEFI:” this is your Linux drive

Press enter on your keyboard, another prompt will pop up

Press enter once again, and you will boot into linux

Step 9: Using Linux

On the left side there will be icons to denote the app you have, Firefox will be the second icon (top to bottom)

You can use Firefox to browse the internet.

Instead of Microsoft Word, Pages, or Google Docs, Linux has Libre Office, it is very similar to Office, but it is free

If you want to try it out it is on the left side bar, hover over the icons to find it, it will be labeled “LibreOffice Writer”

If you want to look at the settings, left click the icons in the top right, and click the setting icon (a screwdriver and a wrench)

This is how you can change your background, device name, the network, or devices your are connected to etc.

Step 10: Install Linux to Be Your Permanent OS

This step is optional, if you want to keep using Linux follow this step, if not, then ignore

On the desktop there will be an icon labeled “install Ubuntu ......”

Double click this and follow the prompts.


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