How to Create a Lyrics Video Easily




Introduction: How to Create a Lyrics Video Easily

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Hi there!

I'm gonna show you how to SUPER EASILY create a lyrics video like the one that we see on YouTube or so.

Believe me this is gonna take not more than the duration of the song itself! Do it if you have patience to listen to the song :D

You just need a few free little softwares and you're good to go.

So let's get started!

Step 1: Get Some Tools

You need two tools to do this:

1. A Video/screen recorder

2. A lyrics Player

and of course a media player!

That's all!

Now I'll suggest you the tools I use.

1. Icecream Screen Recorder

2. MiniLyrics

Download and install these two tools! These are free and awesome!

Step 2: Integrate MiniLyrics Into Media Players

It's super easy to integrate MiniLyrics into your favourite media players!

I use iTunes so I have integrated it into iTunes.

1. After installation of MiniLyrics finishes, the integration window pops up automatically.

2. In that, various media players that are installed in your system, and those supported by MiniLyrics are displayed.

3. You just have to select those you use, and hit Install.

4. Suppose you select iTunes, VLC and Windows Media Player, then whenever you play a song in those players, MiniLyrics will display the scrolling lyrics automatically.

Step 3: Customize Display of Lyrics

1. Open media player like iTunes, Play a song, the lyrics will be displayed. See the images above.

2. Now, we need to customize the fonts, and background of the lyrics.

3. In the MiniLyrics window, click on View, and the Preferences.

4. Now open the Themes tab.

5. In Themes, open the Lyrics Display tab.

6. Change Latin Language font by clicking on Choose Font. Choose whatever font you want. Make it Bold. Change the font Size to 48.

7. You can also change the Lyrics highlight color. I've changed it to White because I'll have a darker background. You can change it to whatever you like or just keep it as it is.

8. The Lyrics Display Style can also be changed. I have chosen Vertical scrolling (default) but there are many options so choose whatever you like.

9. Now go to Lyrics Background Picture tab only if you want a background image in your lyrics video. Or choose a Background color from the Lyrics Display tab itself.

10. Done! Close the Preferences window.

11. Now we need to resize the MiniLyrics window. Just click and drag from the bottom right corner and fill the window to your display. See the photos above for reference.

Step 4: Recording the Lyrics

1. Now open Icecream Screen Recorder or whatever recorder you use.

2. Click on Capture Video and Custom Area.

3. Keep the MiniLyrics window up front and select the portion of the MiniLyrics window.

4. In the Recorder window, change the size to 720p (recommended) or whatever you want according to your screen size. You can also change the video resolution later in video editing softwares.

5. If you have a microphone attached, disable it by clicking the button on the right. And if you want to record the audio also while it is playing, then hit the audio button and maximize the level. Or You can add the audio separately in any movie making softwares. See the photos above.

6. Hit the Record button.

7. Play the song using the media player keyboard shortcut.

8. Record till the song is finished and stop the recording by hitting Ctrl+Shift+S on the keyboard.

9. Name the video and save it.

Step 5: (Optional) If You Didn't Record the Audio

1. Open Windows Movie Maker or any other you use.

2. Import the recorded video, and import the audio of the song.

3. Align them perfectly on the timeline so that the lyrics and the audio matches.

4. Save the movie. Done!

Step 6: Finished

See I told you how simple it was!

No need to do some serious editing for this.

I hope you've learned something useful with this.

Thanks for reading!

Watch the finished video here:

Let Me Love You - Lyrics Video - DJ Snake & Justin Bieber

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alex ycw
alex ycw

Question 11 months ago

Hi, thank you so much for the above incredible post. I have tried making one out, and I'm using the ice cream's screen recorder as per your instruction, but the ice cream app's watermark is appearing on the video, would it be possible to remove the watermark away for the free version? Kindly advise. Thanks!

alex ycw
alex ycw

Reply 11 months ago

Ya so far this works pretty well. Appreciate so much for your advice, Sifu! :)


Question 11 months ago

Hi! How can I start recording screen justwhile i start the button of media player, to put the audio to video without shifting later?


Answer 11 months ago

I cant clearly understand what is shortcut link for a playing song. But anyway, my idea is to start screen recorder immidetly with playing, to not loose or silence even 1ms!

In order that i can go to mkvtoolnix and simple change original audio with one that have voice cut.
Cause minilyrics do not recognise voice cutted song version, she only recognise original version, and in order do not recode video and audio again there is only one way to switch the audio - to start screen recording and player exactly at the same time.
So my question in what screeb recording software i can assign one moment start playing and screen recording. The rest in easy.


Reply 11 months ago

I'm not sure which screen recorder has this thing but there are many other you can check. Apart from that, if i would want to record and start playing at the same time,
i would click on the record and at the same time would press the "Play" button on the keyboard from the media keys. If your keyboard does not have media keys like previous, play, next etc, then i don't know the other way to do that.

Besides that, you can also just cut the first few seconds of the video in any video editor.
Or you can also use any video editor or simply movie maker to perfectly align the video and audio as i have shown.
If you dont find the lyrics in the mini lyrics software, you can also create your own lrc file and play it for your song with minilyrics.
Maybe i'll update this tutorial to add how to do that as well.


Reply 11 months ago

you can just start recording first and then play the song with a shortcut.


Question 2 years ago on Step 1

I cann't install miniLyrics. please help me


4 years ago

Clever one you are my padawan. . .


Reply 4 years ago

I know, right? :D