How to Create a Robotic Dog With 9G Servos




Introduction: How to Create a Robotic Dog With 9G Servos

This is a Robotic Dog inspired by Boston Dynamic's Spotmini, but this time on a much smaller scale. This version of the robotic dog is created with a dozen Servos and some other components such as an Ardurino Nano.

You can find a great instructable covering how to create your own Servo Tester here:

Step 1: Arrangement of Servos & Kinematics

It is best if the Servos are arranged at 90° and then mounted on the "legs".

For kinematics:

All Legs = 48mm

Shoulder to Shoulder Pivot = 40mm (Left to Right)

Shoulder to Shoulder Pivot = 80mm (Front to Back)

With 90° being centered and perpendicular when assembled:

Shoulder Pivot +/-17.5° (Left/Right)

Shoulder Pivot +40.0°/-46.5° (Front/Back)

Knee Pivot: +70°/-73° (Front/Back)

Step 2: BOM & STL Files


(1) Arduino Nano (Headless)

(1) 16ch PWM driver

(12) Tower Hobby 9g servo

(2) Frame-Vertical Pivot

(2) Frame-Vertical

(6) Frame-Stiffener Vertical

(6) Frame-Stiffener Horizontal

(4) Shoulder Pivot

(4) Leg-Upper

(2) Leg-Upper LH

(2) Leg-Upper RH

(4) Leg-Lower

(2) Driver Support

(1) Nano Support

The Stls can be found here:

Full Credits to Design Cells for releasing the Stl files on Thingiverse; I didn't Design this myself.

Step 3: Done!!!

The code has yet to be released yet, but I'm sure that it'll be released soon. If anybody knows how to code, please relate to the original author.

Have Fun!!!

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    3 months ago

    This is so weird to find; why create an insturctables from my incomplete project 2 years after I posted it?


    3 months ago

    You do not need the 16ch servo shield - the Arduino NANO is totally capable of driving 20 servos all by itself. Code is here:
    You can power the servos directly from 6v or 8.4v or more on their power line, with their data line (and GND) connected to the Arduino and it drives them fine as well.
    They literally just plug in along the sides of the NANO too! (see pic)

    NOTE! I do NOT recommend trying to build this with 9g servos - they are too weak - they only just *barely* can carry their own weight - if you add a battery or anything else, your dog will sit spreadeagled and go nowhere. Use metal-gear high-torque MG995 or MG996 servos instead.

    Here's mine:

    Screen Shot 2022-04-17 at 10.14.44 am.png
    Marc Yeh
    Marc Yeh

    Reply 2 years ago

    Sure, can you put it here?