Introduction: How to Create a Robotic Dog With 9G Servos

This is a Robotic Dog inspired by Boston Dynamic's Spotmini, but this time on a much smaller scale. This version of the robotic dog is created with a dozen Servos and some other components such as an Ardurino Nano.

You can find a great instructable covering how to create your own Servo Tester here:

Step 1: Arrangement of Servos & Kinematics

It is best if the Servos are arranged at 90° and then mounted on the "legs".

For kinematics:

All Legs = 48mm

Shoulder to Shoulder Pivot = 40mm (Left to Right)

Shoulder to Shoulder Pivot = 80mm (Front to Back)

With 90° being centered and perpendicular when assembled:

Shoulder Pivot +/-17.5° (Left/Right)

Shoulder Pivot +40.0°/-46.5° (Front/Back)

Knee Pivot: +70°/-73° (Front/Back)

Step 2: BOM & STL Files


(1) Arduino Nano (Headless)

(1) 16ch PWM driver

(12) Tower Hobby 9g servo

(2) Frame-Vertical Pivot

(2) Frame-Vertical

(6) Frame-Stiffener Vertical

(6) Frame-Stiffener Horizontal

(4) Shoulder Pivot

(4) Leg-Upper

(2) Leg-Upper LH

(2) Leg-Upper RH

(4) Leg-Lower

(2) Driver Support

(1) Nano Support

The Stls can be found here:

Full Credits to Design Cells for releasing the Stl files on Thingiverse; I didn't Design this myself.

Step 3: Done!!!

The code has yet to be released yet, but I'm sure that it'll be released soon. If anybody knows how to code, please relate to the original author.

Have Fun!!!

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