How to Create a Scratch Account

Introduction: How to Create a Scratch Account

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Hi there!

If your here,you are probably wondering how to make a scratch account (like mine iranal (as shown in the photo).

Step 1: Go to

First,go to and click sign in

Step 2: Make a Username and Password

The second step is to make a username and password.


Keep your password a secret!

Step 3: Enter Which Country You Live in (you Can Hide or Change It Later)

Put any country,doesn't have to be where you actually live in.

You can change it later in account settings.

Step 4: Enter You Date of Birth

Worry not,it's kept private unless you tell people when's your birthdate

Step 5: Enter Your Gender

Choose any gender, scratch welcomes all genders!

Step 6: Enter Your Email

Type in you or your parent s (or your adult guardian's) email.

After that,confirm the email address you entered (you will receive and email)

That's it!

Now all you want to do is customize your profile or make a project!

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