Introduction: How to Create Art With a Giant Hashtag

Ever wanted to make your own personal & psychical twitter for you, friends, and citizens in your city?

Well here is an instructable on how to make Twitter an Art Installation and how to get people to join in on the fun.

What you will need

4 planks of styrofoam (2' x 4')
1 box cutter 
1 can of white paint 
Colorful Markers like Sharpies!

Optional ( Recommended)
Twitter & Instragram for Documentation 

Step 1: Cutting Styrofoam

Step 1.

Cut two (1' x .25') slices out of each piece of styrofoam using the circular saw. To align each cut, measure 1.33' from the edge of the styrofoam.

Step 2: Optional Step

Paint the styrofoam  white (it makes it easier to draw on!)

Step 3: Assembling Hashtag

Align the interlocking joints to create a hashtag!

Step 4: Getting People to Draw/Say Something on Your Hashtag

Choose a place that people gather OR have the hashtag be a part of party. A good place to start would be a local park or square

Step 5: Start Drawing and Writing on Hash Tag

The trick to crowdsourcing an art installation like this:

Start drawing or writing on it yourself. I suggest with friends (at least 2 other people)  because it will be fun - fun breeds activity! One person should be able to explain what you're doing when approached!

Have Fun

Step 6: Take Pictures: Create Twitter + Instagram Tags

So  its a good idea if you take pictures and put them on twitter & instagram to document the fun you had! But it also serves another useful purpose, it attracts attention and feedback.

By creating a tag, you can encourage the people who participated to talk about their experience and share with you on the virtual word too!

Step 7: Other Ideas

So if you want to use your giant hashtag for another purpose check out my friend, John's Post!