Introduction: How to Curl Hair With Wand

Hello everyone! Ever since I was younger I struggled to curl my hair using a typical curling iron. When I came across the wand curler, it took me one try to get the process down and was not hard at all. There are tons of different processes to go through to get the perfect curl for your specific hair...I just found this process best for me. I'm sure after a few tries, you will get your own routine down! Now to try it out...

Time Needed:

About 20 minutes without the shower


  • Wand Curler
  • Leave in Conditioner
  • Brush
  • Blow Dryer
  • Super Hold Finishing Hair Spray
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Hair Clip/Scrunchie
  • Straightener
  • Heat Protectant Spray

Step 1: Wash Hair in Shower With Shampoo.

Washing your hair before curling it is optional but, the curls will come out cleaner and healthier looking if it is washed prior to.

Step 2: Spray Leave in Conditioner Onto Wet Hair and Brush Thoroughly.

This helps smooth the hair without making it overly greasy.

Step 3: Dry Hair With Blow Dryer Completely.

If hair isn’t dried completely, the iron will fry the hair.

Step 4: Spray Hair With Heat Protectant Spray.

This prevents damage throughout the hair from all the heat added to it.

Step 5: If You Have Curly Hair, Straighten It All the Way Through.

Step 6: Afterwards, Spray the Hair With Dry Shampoo to Create Volume.

After spraying, it helps to, brush your fingers through the roots of your hair to spread the product around.

Step 7: Spray Hair With Super Hold Finishing Spray.

This helps hold the curls in place.

Step 8: Take the Top 2/3 of Hair and Clip It to the Top of Your Head Using Your Hair Clip or Scrunchie.

Step 9: Curl the Remaining Hair by Taking a Thin to Medium Thick Section of Hair and Wrapping It Around the Wand.

When doing this, make sure to start with hair closest to your head and work backwards alternating which way you wrap the hair around it, again, creating a voluminous look. Also, when wrapping the hair around, make sure the wand is pointing downwards, starting with the wrapping around the thicker part of the curling wand.

Step 10: After That Section Is Done, Drop Another 1/3 of Your Hair and Repeat Previous Steps.

Step 11: Do the Same Thing for the Remaining Hair That Is Left.

Step 12: When Finished Curling, Wait for the Curls to Cool Down.

Step 13: Spray Once Again With the Super Hold Finishing Spray.

Step 14: Finally, Comb Gently Through Your Hair With Your Fingers to Separate the Curls.