Introduction: How to Cut a Board on a Miter Saw

My name is Quintin Lehmann and i've been using miter saws for over four years. Miter saws are one of the most versatile saws you can use.

Step 1: Step 1

First get A piece of wood from the woodpile and bring it over to the saw. Make sure to have safety glasses on at all times while preparing to make the cut and while making the cut.

Step 2: Step 2

Next go get a tape measure and pencil and mark out whatever length the board needs to be cut to.

Step 3: Step 3

Then once the mark is on the board put the board under the saw blade and get ready to cut the board.

Step 4: Step 4

After that Bring the blade down and make sure that the blade is lined up with the mark on the piece of wood. Then after lining the board and the blade up pull the trigger on the handle and wait for the saw to be going full speed.

Step 5: Step 5

Last slowly bring the blade down once it is at full speed and cut the wood. Once you are through the wood let off the trigger and lift the handle.

Step 6: Video