How to Do a Bluetooth Controlled Cart (Toy)

Introduction: How to Do a Bluetooth Controlled Cart (Toy)

This cart was used to participate in the battle 'Mario Kart' that it's objective was to burst the balloons of the opponents . Through this report all the materials used and the steps taken for the developing are presented.

Step 1: Materials

About the materials
• The materials were predetermined , so the first thing that was done was to investigate about each of them (motors, servomotors , Arduino , engine driver , etc. ) .

• The material used for the structure of the car was MDF.

Step 2: Design

• The design was based on the size of the engines trying to create a small car in order to move it faster .

• The design was done on paper to plan measures and structure.

• It was passed to Corel to cut the material in the laser cutter.

Step 3: Construction

• With the measured material precut, all components were assembled using glue and Cola Loka.

• The cart measures were 24 x 30 x 30 cm .

• The weapon applied was a sharp tip placed 30 cm and joined to a servomotor which controlled the rotation.

Step 4: ​Programming

• A program was made for engines in order to move forward, backward and sideways.

• With this program the speed is also controlled .

• A code to connect the cart via bluetooth with the cellphone was made in order to control the cart .

• In addition to the programming in Arduino, an application for the cellphone was made in ' MIT App Inventor ' with the necessary buttons to move the cart and use the weapon .

Step 5: Results

As a result, the project was controlled via bluetooth by the cellphone with an application developed at MIT App Inventor . The cart has a sharp weapon that rotates 180 degrees and with balloons tied to it 30cm above the ground.

In the pictures you can see the finished model .

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    4 years ago

    great work, can you share the ino and ai files


    4 years ago

    I love that you put balloons on it!