Introduction: How to Do a Cascading Waterfall Braid

By Pooja, Becky, Itzel, and Janelle. :)

Step 1: Tips and Instructions

  • Items you'll need\\hairband(s), brush or comb, and bobby pins
  • Optional Items\\Hair straightener and heat protectant spray
  • Tips\\ With straighter hair, it'll be easier to braid and have a more sleek look. But it's your choice because with wavy or curly hair, it'll look as nice too (becky and itzel hehe)
  • Tips\\you should consider putting a side part because a waterfall braid with a side part helps add to the cascading waterfall appearance of your braid. By parting your hair in a deep side part, and flipping the parted hair over to the other side of your head, your hair is essentially taking on the nature of a waterfall. (basically add volume to your hair and not make it flat to your head)

Step 2: Prepping Your Hair

You'll have to comb or brush your your hair (especially with long hair.) You can use argon oil or some type of hair oil to keep it smooth, straight, and tangle free.:)

Step 3: Starting Your Braid

Start with a small section of your hair near your forehead and separate it into three strands. You're going to start braiding normally until you reach half of an inch to an inch. You should hold and tighten the strands so that when you get strands, a poof doesn't form. When getting extra hair from other areas of your head where you started braiding, you should get small, but not too small of hair strands so that the waterfall braid will be more noticeable.

Step 4:

now you'll be using a french braid technique to add hair to the braid from both the top and bottom areas of the braid:

Once you have dropped the right portion of hair, get your next “right” portion by taking a portion of hair from the roots right behind the dropped piece. Grab a piece of hair approximately the same size as the hair portions you are already using in the braid. Cross this new “right” portion of hair over the middle portion of hair, like you would in using the normal three strand braiding technique. Then, add more hair into the current “left” portion of hair. Do this by sectioning a piece of hair from the top your head, and combine that new portion of hair with your current left portion of hair.

Step 5: Finishing the Braid

continue doing the third step all throughout your hair. You'll get a beautiful braid after.:)

you can stop anywhere you would like and start braiding down the three strands of hair you're using for the waterfall.