How to Do a Cat Eye

Introduction: How to Do a Cat Eye

Guided by the steps in the following instructions, the user will be able to create a cat eye with liquid or gel eyeliner. This can be done through the free-hand method or the tape method. The free-hand method is a more difficult method that can be mastered with some practice. The tape method is used as a beginner’s trick where the tape becomes a stencil to enable users to create the perfect wing.

Step 1: Preparation

Gather their materials needed to complete this cat eye. The materials needed are as followed;

-Gel or liquid eyeliner, whatever the user’s personal preference is

-Eyeshadow to go on the eyelid as a base, this can be any color the user desires.

-Scotch tape

- Mascara for the final instruction

All of these products can be obtained from a local drug store such as Walgreens or CVS. A recommendation for the user that could be very helpful is to use an eyeshadow that matches their skin tone or is a slightly lighter color. By wearing an eyeshadow underneath that is the same color or lighter than user’s skin color, it will not make the cat eye look too dramatic. It will allow the user to wear this look at any time of the day.

Step 2: Finding Your Angle

The next step is to find the right angle for the winged part of the cat eye. In order to figure out the best angle for the user’s eye, the user can hold up a brush or the eyeliner itself from the side of their nose to the end of their eyebrow. As the user holds the brush or the eyeliner against their face, there is a line that is created with the object the user is using to create the wing. This is the line that the user will follow for their wing.

Step 3: Creating a Dot

Place a dot where you desire the tip of the wing to be. When completing this step on the other side, be sure that the dots are at the same height and angle before drawing the line that will connect the lower lash line and the dot. It is much easier to fix the placement of the dot than the placement of the line.

Step 4: Connecting the Dot

Draw a straight line from the outer corner of your eye to the dot you just created. Do not pull on your skin while creating this line. The line will not be straight and can make the wing look sloppy, and will have typically be shorter than the user intends when the skin returns back to its normal state. It is also very important to keep a steady hand while creating this line. The user should be patient and take their time while creating this line since many errors can be made if the user tries to move too quickly.

Step 5: Using Tape

If the user is not comfortable free-handing the wing or is unable to draw the wing, an easier process can be performed. One can create a guideline for the wing simply by using a piece of scotch tape:

1.Tear a small piece of tape (1-2 inches) and gently blot it on the back of a hand, sticky side down, to make the tape less sticky. (This will prevent any damage to skin, or pain when removing the piece of tape.)

2.Position the tape against the outer corner of the user's eye angling it up towards the temple for a subtle wing. To create a more dramatic wing one can angle the piece of tape towards the tip of the eyebrow.

3.Run the eyeliner along the edge of the tape until desired length is reached, and connect it back to the middle of the lash line to create the full look.

4.Touch up and thicken until the desired look is reached, and gently remove the tape.

Step 6: Finishing the Wing

After making the line from the outer corner to the dot for their wing, draw another straight line from the middle of the lash line to the dot to connect them. Thicken the line that was just created until it reaches the wing. Fill in the wing with eyeliner. A thicker line and wing will give the user a dramatic look, while a thinner line and wing can give the user a more natural look.

Step 7: Clean Up/ Touch Up

If the user has made any mistakes, there are several ways they can fix or touch-up their look.

-Use a Q-tip to clean up the lines that were made. This will help avoid any smudging that may occur if the user used their fingers.

-Use makeup remover. Makeup wipes will work best. These can be found at any drugstore such as CVS or Walgreens. Makeup remover can be used if the user has made many mistakes or doesn’t like the way their wing looks. The user should use caution if they decide to use the makeup remover method because it also can remove eyeshadow that was applied earlier.

Step 8: Completing the Cat Eye

To complete the look, the user should draw a line along the lash line to connect it back to the rest of the wing. One should start out by thinly applying the eyeliner on the lash line and increasingly add more (thicken) as the user moves towards the wing. Once the wing is completed additional eyeliner can be added to increase the overall thickness of the wing.

Step 9: Mascara/ Finishing Touches

The final step to these instructions is to add the finishing touch to this look. This can be done by using the mascara of the user’s choosing to apply to their eyelashes. Once the mascara is on, the look is complete!

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