How to Do a Load of Laundry

Introduction: How to Do a Load of Laundry

Before starting this task ensure that you have necessary materials such as dirty laundry, washing machine, drying machine, and laundry detergent.

Step 1:

Take dirt laundry and separate according to color (typically whites, darks, and colors).

Step 2:

Take one of already separated piles of dirty clothing and take to the site of washing machine. Place inside washing machine and close door.

Step 3:

After placing clothing inside washing machine, close door. Typically located in the upper left corner of the washing machine is the detergent drawer where you insert detergent. Pull out this drawer and pour desired amount into the marked location.

Step 4:

Add fabric softener and or bleach if desired.

Step 5:

After all desires detergents have been added select desired setting. (In most instance select the “normal” setting.) After selecting desired setting press and hold start button.

Step 6:

Return after wash cycle has been completed. Take wet laundry and place in drying machine.

Step 7:

Before closing door place static dryer sheet in machine with wet laundry to improve smell and decrease static.

Step 8:

Close door and select desired drying setting. Push and hold start button.

Step 9:

Return to dryer quickly after cycle has been completed to reduce the wrinkling of laundry.

Step 10:

Remove laundry from drying machine. Fold or hang laundry depending on personal preference.

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