How to Do a Low Bun Hairsyle

Introduction: How to Do a Low Bun Hairsyle

In this instructable, I'm going to show how to do a cute low bun hairstyle. It's a simple step by step and not a lot of time taking.




-Hair-ties (thick and thin)



Step 1: Brush the Hair

Take the hairbrush and brush out the hair. To take out all the tangles.

Step 2: Part the Hair

Take the end of the comb and create a middle part of the hair. Make sure it's straight.

Step 3: Apply Hairspray

-Spray on hairspray on the part you had made previous.

-Take the comb and brush it to lay down all the baby hairs that are up

Step 4: Seprate the Hair

-Take about 2 inches of hair on both sides, leaving the rest of the hair on the back.

-Grab the hair from the back and brush it into a low pony tail. Secure it with a thick hair tie, leaving the sections of hair on both sides.

Step 5: Flipping the Hair

-Take the ponytail that you just made. Loosen it so you can take the hair and separate it in half. Take the ponytail and flip it through the separation you had made.

Step 6: Repeat

-Take the sections of hair and make it into a small ponytail and secure it with a thin hair tie. And flip it as the previous flip you had made.

Step 7: Creating the Bun

- Take both ponytails together and make a section with that ponytail. Take a thick ponytail to create it. Then take it and flip it in the same as the previous one, but only to half way.

Step 8: Pinning It

-Take the bobby pins and place it so it can secure and shape into a bun. If you have thick hair you'll been needing more bobby pins.

Step 9: Securing With a Thick Hair Tie

- Take a thick hair tie and put it around the bun to make it more secure.

Step 10: The Final Product

- Once you have your bun, adjust it to your liking.

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