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Introduction: DIY Fashion : How to Drape Lingerie Without Using Fabric | TRUDY_LIMP

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This is a pattern and draping tutorial at the same time.

This wonderful technique will allow you to do almost anything you want in terms of lingerie and many other things.

I hope you will enjoy the tutorial.

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I'll do my best to make them for you guys.

You will need:


-scotch tape,






Step 1: Scotch Tape

First, I tape the front and the back of my dessform.

I think I did four or five layers.

It has to be rigid enough because we will remove the tape later.

Then, I draw the half front and back bodice with the marker.

Step 2: Design

Now, draw a small line at two centimeters from the middle ligne.

Then design your bra.

I decided to go with a kind of bustier thing but it is up to you.

At this point you can make pretty much everything you want to, so release the creativity that is in you!

When you've done designing you bra, you will have to put numbers and arrows on each piece.

It will be helpful with the assembly process.

Repeat all these steps for the back.

Step 3: Removing Scotch Tape

Now, it is time to remove the scotch tape.

Please be careful because if you messed up you will have to restart

from the very beginning.

As you can see on the video, I cut the shoulders because my design is strapless.

Step 4: Cutting Process

Here is the cutting process, all you have to do is separating back and front pieces at the side.

Then go a head a cut each piece.

Here again you have to pay attention while you are cutting the scotch tape.

Step 5: Copy

Put each piece above your paper.

Make sur that there are enough space between them because of the seam allowances.

I add about one centimeter seam allowance all the way arround each piece.

Then, remove the tape when you've done with adding your seam allowances.

Dont forget to put your numbers and arrows again.

You will also need to pay attention to the number one piece because it has to be on fold.

Step 6: Last Cut

Lastly, Cut each piece and you done.

In order to make the bottom you can copy the shape of a panty that you already have or you can go and check this link ( )

This is the patterns paradise!

Thanks for whatching and please dont forget to like share and subscribe!

Ones again, if you have any suggestion feel free to tag me or send them to me @trudy_limp ].

I will do my best to make them for you guys!

Step 7: What I Did With It

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