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Introduction: How to Draw Bloom ( Winx Club ) - Bloomix Transformation

Inspired by a contest (again) I decided to draw a masterpiece ))). This time I thought of drawing a different fairy than last time, but, once I remembered one photo I had seen a long time ago, my plan changed...So, this time I'm drawing Bloom again!!! This time it's the Bloomix transformation. I think it looks especially great on Bloom, Stella and Musa.. . Anyway :)))... Let's Get Started!!!!!

Step 1: Getting Started !

The first picture is what we're trying to draw ))). The next picture - the supplies you need. I don't use any canvases or other stuff, just plain old paper and some watercolors from the shop nearest to your house :). The only thing important is that you have a good pencil, not one of those that break after every line you draw...

Step 2: Let's Draw!!!

Fist draw the head... Next the ear and nose...The bangs and a little hair...Next draw her braid and then the tiara...There are a lot of stripes in the the hair, so just look at the picture and copy it...

Step 3: Drawing the Body

Draw the right arm first. Make sure you make her arm thinner towards the hand. Draw the other arm too, and then draw 5 bracelets on each arm. As for the outfit, draw the shoulder part first. Her dress looks like it's made of dragon scales, so that's the hardest part. But don't start drawing the scales over the whole thing, the rest is in the next step.

Step 4:

For the rest of the dress, there is a jewel in the middle, and a skirt ,that's also like the top part. She has a shawl on her arms, so let's draw that..I start drawing from the back of the outfit to her elbow and then the rest. It's very wavy, so there are many lines to follow carefully, it took me forever to get it right. But it get's harder later ))).

Step 5: Finish Drawing the Hair

A part of her hair is behind the shawl, I pointed it in the first picture. Make sure you press your pencil more at that part or something, just to make sure you can differ it when coloring. The rest of the hair is on the right side of the paper. First start with drawing the curly parts, and then draw the lines inside it.

Step 6: The Wings !!!

THE HARDEST PART !!! Just kidding, it's not too hard if you're following the photos ))). The wings look like there are 2 layers of them, blue ones at the back and purple-pink-yellow-like at the front. I've drawn both wings step-by-step in the photos, I hope it's not too difficult ))). And you don't really have to copy it exactly as it is, because the colors are very mixed and it's hard to get the lines right, just mix up the colors and it'll look great!

Step 7: Last Steps to Draw

It's almost done, now draw the eyes... They start like a triangle and end like a square as I always say ))). Anyway, check the last picture to see if you forgot to draw any part. If you got everything right, congratulations!!! Take a little break because the coloring is gonna be a little complicated...

Step 8: Coloring, Part 1

Bloom's hair has 3 colors in this transformation: a little pink-like red, darker red and lighter red. I just use my "red-purple" watercolor.I color what you see in the first two pictures with it. Next I mix it up with a little golden-like color and get the darker version, then I mix it with a lighter shade of yellow, sort of blush-like and get the third shade of red...

Step 9: Coloring , Part 2

Next, I color in the shawl... Don't be too impressed by the shawl being sometimes lighter and sometimes darker,it may look pretty, but actually I just eventually ran out of paint ))).

It's not like that with the dress though, it was meant to be like that :).

Step 10: Finishing Touches

You can do this part with paint too, but I prefer pencils for coloring the face. I also go over the lines of the wings and the shawl, and write her name ( I don't know why , but I always do that ))).

I hope you enjoyed drawing this masterpiece,and if you like it, please vote for me in the Paint Contest. I spent over 4 hours drawing it, and it's probably the most complicated drawing I ever made. I also didn't like watercolors much before drawing actually, but it didn't turn out too bad after all. But still,pencils are my favorite!

I have a YouTube Channel called Draw_Creative. There are many by that name but I have a picture of Bloom (obviously) on my profile. Check out my other instructables too, and, see you next time!

( Can't wait to make my next Instructable!!! )

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    3 years ago

    Excellent skills here. Beautiful drawing