Introduction: How to Draw Curly Hair in 13 Easy Steps!

This will teach you how to draw curly hair to add to your drawing (girl)
What you will need.

- a pencil ( HB prefered)
- a piece of paper
- a rubber (elastic preferred)

Step 1: The Base (1)

To draw the base, draw two ovals, like in the picture.
Sorry the picture is really dark.

Step 2: The Base (2)

Connect so it makes a 'cup'

Step 3: Stripy Cup.

Draw stripes on the cup.Like above⤴

Step 4: Add More

Add more stripes going in a different direction (the sides are connected.)

Step 5: Curve

Curve the sides

Step 6: Tail

Add a "tail"

Step 7: Rub It Out!

Rub out the base.

Step 8: Rub It Out!

Rub out the uneeded parts as above.

Step 9: Strokes and Shading

To make the hair look realistic, use stokes in the direction of the hair. Take your time! This may take some practice!

Step 10: Strokes and Shading

Find out where the light source is.
Mine is directly in front of the hair.(As if I am the light source.

If you are doing the same as me, rub out the middle of it, as shown above ⤴

Step 11: Strokes and Shading

Now, as the last one looks slightly ugly, we are going to stoke gently above it as above ⤴

Step 12: Strokes and Shading

Now, shade the hair so that the Sides are darker than the middle.

Step 13: Finished!