Introduction: How to Draw Nemesis Seal!!!!!

So you are wondering who is nemesis seal? Well I made him up so you have probably never heard of him.


You will need:Gray marker, Pencil with eraser, Black marker, Yellow marker, Red marker.

Step 1: The Bottom of the Body

You will need a pencil. First make an "M" on the back draw a small curve then put a triangle on the front of it.

Step 2: Drawing the Rest of the Body and Head

First draw a curve on the top of the "M" and make a curve that goes straight then up then a semi circle that goes to a curve on the top of the front triangle.

Step 3: Making the Cape P.1

Right on the head make one curve that goes straight then up, then one that goes straight then down.

Step 4: Making the Cape P.2

you go and make curved points from the bottom of the two curves to the top of the two curves. Then put in bold letters "NS".

Step 5: Adding the Color Black

Using the BLACK first put a DOT on the head with a small amount of space (I put a small circle to help). Then put two SMALL dots on the nose of the seal.

Step 6: Using the Color Gray

Using the color GRAY color in the full seal (NO cape)Leave a small space around the eye.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Using the RED marker color the part of the cape that in bold letters says "NS". Then using the YELLOW marker color the rest of the cape.

Step 8: Finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do like nemesis seal?

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