How to Draw a Circle Like You Meditate and Relax!

Introduction: How to Draw a Circle Like You Meditate and Relax!

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Art is a form of living wellness. Art is for the benefit of all being.


You can use traditional Pencil or Pen on Paper or Digital Equipments like computer, smartphone or others

Step 1: Get Paper and Put on the Table or Computer Using Office Program!

Step 2: Grasp Pencil or Pen (or Computer)

Use Mouse as pencil or other digital equipment. Open Office Program and use Pencil on Draw Interface

Step 3: Make Continuous Small Circle Up to Big Circle

Step 4: Draw Circle Up to the Corner of the Paper

Do not worry if you can not draw perfect circle, just draw and draw

Step 5: Here We Can Draw As Many Repetition of Continuous Progression of Small Circle to Big

Step 6: Draw As Many of Continuous Regression of Big to Small Circle

Step 7: Look What Done! Enjoy

Step 8: Movie

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