How to Draw a Cute and Mystical Owl

Introduction: How to Draw a Cute and Mystical Owl

Hi! I'm new here and this is my first instructable. By the end of it I hope that you will be able to draw one of these weird looking creatures just like me, probably even better. It is a simple and cute drawing in which the key point is to let your imagination go wild. Without further ado, let's begin!

Please excuse the bad photos, and the different lightings:)


Here are the very simple materials you will need:

- Black pen or thin marker

- A pencil and eraser

- Color pencils

- Some creativity

Step 1: Create a Sketch

I will probably say this at each step, but I just wan't to make it clear that what you draw doesn't have to look exactly the way I draw it. If you prefer a different shape for the head, do it. These shouldn't be steps you MUST follow.

- HEAD: Begin you're drawing with the head of the owl. (I know the body should be drawn first but I find it easier this way) I make the head just like a rectangle and draw it at a slight angle. I also give it tiny ears at the corners of it's head.

- FACIAL PROPORTIONS: Next draw a cross on the center of it's face as shown in the image above. This will mark where your eyes and nose will be. The beak can go right below the horizontal line. Each eye should lay on the horizontal line just around 1 cm away from the vertical line.

- EYES AND NOSE: The eyes can be drawn like slanted raindrops with their tip drooping down to the nose. The nose can be drawn as just a simple triangle.

- BODY: The body can be drawn as sort of an oval with broad "shoulders" at the top- as shown in the image above. It should be around the same width of it's head, I personaly like when it's head is a bit bigger. Add the wings and your body is finished.

- FEET: I don't really know how to explain this, but sort of draw three lumps for each foot. It's easier if you just look at the image. They are supposed to look as if they are grabbing a branch. Not an expert in drawing feet.

- BRANCH: Draw a branch, it can have leaves or not. I preffer not to add anything on the tree because it takes away attention from the owl.

Step 2: Start Outlining

After you have finished your sketch start by outlining ONLY the eyes and nose with your thin black marker. This is so that when you draw your pattern and a feather goes over the edge of it's face, it doesn't matter because it is still in pencil rather than in marker. I trace the eyes and nose several times to make the line a bit thicker to make them stand out more. Next you want to plan you design or pattern on it's face. You can do whatever you like. I make my face more simple so I can make the body more elaborate. Draw this in pencil first.

Step 3: Trace Your Design With a Marker

Now that your design is planned out you can trace it with your thin black marker. I simply repeat feathers that are tinny at the nose and enlarge as they head up to the ears. Drawing these feathers is supper simple. First draw a straight line and make tiny lines out of it.

Step 4: Outline It's Head

This step is really simple. Just outline the owl's/creature thing's head. I make my line thicker in some places than others.

Step 5: Design You Owl's Wings: Be Creative!

In this step I really don't have much to say except for two important words I wish for you to follow. BE CREATIVE. You can draw whatever, it's your pet owl and it's your obligation to make him or her look fabulous! It is okay to take inspirration from the internet. Another important factor is to take your time. If you don't feel like drawing don't force yourself to do something- trust me it won't look good if you pressure yourself. Now get that creativness out of you and draw away!

Remember that the sketch isn't supposed to be perfect- it's meant for a guideline. You can also draft your design on a seperate sheet of paper.

Step 6: Outline With Black Marker

After finishing your sketch, just like with it's head, outline the design with your black marker.

Step 7: Create a Chest Design + Outline the Feet

Since my wings are very elaborate I don't ussually put too many patterns there becasue it takes away the wings' attention. I just made a few small and dotted moon crescents. If you would like this part of the owl to stand out more make less patterened wings and bring more attention to the chest by adding patterns.

Now all you have to finish are the feet and branch. Trace the sketch you made, and your owl is finished! All you need is the background!

Step 8: Creating a Background

Like I mentioned earlier; I don't place much attention in my background. I simply create a plain branch. You can add leaves or cherry blossoms, essentially whatever you want.

Step 9: You're Done!!!

All you have to do now is erase the remaning pencil marks, and you're done. If you wish you can also give it some color, I prefer to keep it simple. I hope this instructable helped you and that you were able to create an owl better than mine! If it didn't, don't worry keep trying- practice makes perfect. I hope it at least inspired you to be a bit more creative:)

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