Introduction: How to Draw a Lion!

These steps will show you how to draw a simple cartoon lion!

Step 1:

Before you start, you'll need: A pencil, paper, and an eraser.
Draw a long oval on your paper.

Step 2:

Add two bumps at the bottom sides of your oval. They should take up about half of the oval.

Step 3:

Add another bump at the bottom of the oval.

Step 4:

Erase the other lines and add an indent at the top middle of the oval.

Step 5:

Add two smaller ovals at the top sides of the oval. These will be the ears.

Step 6:

Draw a sideways '3' in between the two bumps at the side of your ovals.

Step 7:

In the middle of the 3, add a half oval. Add a circle at the top but add 3 points in the middle and on each side.

Step 8:

Draw a long, skinny oval on top of the circle. It should reach just under where the ears are.

Step 9:

Draw two smaller ovals on the top sides of the long, skinny oval.

Step 10:

Draw circles inside of the ovals. These are the eyes.

Step 11:

Draw triangles all around the face. Your lion is now done.