Introduction: DIY a Electronic Badge With Various Beautiful Patterns!

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Some people may wonder how to manufacture beautiful pattern on the PCB on Eagle, how to design it and import it and make it designed as expected. But some how they don't know or may neglect many details when designing such PCB on Eagle.

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Now let's find out how to design these beautiful PCB on Eagle!

Step 1: Draw the Picture

draw a picture you want to print on PCB by Photoshop or other Image designing tool. Pros and cons.Be careful about the Mirror effect of pattern on the back. Like this:

Step 2: Transform the Image

Transform the image you design into .bmp format and with a maximun of 256 colors.This is the rules of importing a BitMaP image into an EAGLE drawing:

Step 3: Step3: Move the .bmp Layer

After importing the image, the image will be on the layer 200, turn the front side picture into layer 21, and turn the back side picture into layer 22.

Step 4: Draw the Outline Shape of the Board

Outline the border and make sure you have draw the outline on layer 20 for Dimension.Using the Arc and wire and circle drawing tool.

Step 5: Overlaps

5,final step,overlap the two picture (pros and cons) together.and make your final PCB design board looks like this

Step 6: Double Layers, Not Single One!

The last but not the least, don't forget to manufacture the PCB in two layers, not single layer! Even it only has one layer for routing. Because one layer will have no solder mask if you select single layer, which will make it much uglier.

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