Introduction: How to Draw a Realistic Bunny (standing)

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I really like bunnies, and wanted to draw one. But I wanted to make it realistic. I decided to try drawing one in a how-to-draw style. It turned out pretty good, so I thought it would be fun to make a how-to-draw out of it! I drew another one, but took pictures of the steps. So, here it is! Also, I took a picture of my bunny to use as a model for my drawing. (Her name is Dash, she's 11!) The picture above is the picture I used of her. This is pretty easy too, so you don't have to be an amazing drawer to draw it.

Also, this is my first ever instructable! If you have any tips on how to make it better, please let me know in the comments. :)





-Pencil sharpener if you need it

-Pen (or other outlining utensil)

-(optional: some sort of coloring utensils if you want to color it at the end. I used colored pencils)

Step 1: Let's Start!

We'll start by drawing two circles (more like ovals) like unto the ones in my picture, in the center of the paper. Remember to draw lightly because we will be erasing some lines later on. And if you make a mistake it's easier to clean up.

Step 2:

Now we'll give it a muzzle and eye. You'll only be able to see one of it's eyes in this picture because of the angle. We'll put the muzzle starting a little above the half-way point, and curve it down to the bottom of it's head. Then we'll put the eye a little above the muzzle and in the center of the head.

Step 3:

Now for our first ear. We'll start it near the back of the head, and end it so it's lined up with the left side of the eye.

Step 4:

Now we'll add it's other ear. We'll put this ear at an angle, so we'll start it a little below the halfway-point of the first ear, and end it lined up with the 3/4 point of the eye (starting from the left).

Step 5:

Next we'll give it a small tail.

Step 6:

Now let's connect the body to the head. We'll draw a straight line, and about halfway through add a lump for it's shoulder bone. We'll connect it at the back of it's head, a little below the ear.

Step 7:

Next we'll start on the legs and feet. Let's draw a big oval that comes a little below the body for it's back leg. Bunnies have very strong and big muscles in their back legs; that's why they can jump so high and run so fast!

Step 8:

Next we'll draw a small thin oval at the bottom of the leg for it's foot. Bunnies also have very long back feet.

Step 9:

Next we'll add a smaller, thinner oval for it's front leg.

Step 10:

Now we'll draw it's front paw as a small oval. Bunnies' front paws are shorter than their back paws, so we'll keep that in mind.

Step 11:

Now we'll draw a small curve where it's belly will be. Start a little after it's back leg, and as you curve it down, join it into the front leg as in my drawing.

Step 12:

Erase the extra line below the curve we just made. Now we'll add it's other foot. Draw another oval starting about where the curve is. It should look similar to mine, unless you want the bunny's foot in a different position. You can move it forwards or backwards to do that.

Step 13:

Now we'll add all the fluff on it's chest. Bunnies have very fluffy chests! Start lined up with the left side of the eye, and curve down to it's body.

Step 14:

Now we can add it's other front paw. Draw a small oval starting a little after where it's chest fur is. You can move it further forwards or backwards depending on where you want it's footing to be, but I just went off the picture of my bun.

Step 15:

Now we can give the bunny some toenails. I only drew 2 visible toenails on the back foot, and 3 visible toenails on the front foot, but you can draw more if you'd like. Bunnies have 4 toenails on each of their back feet, and 5 on each of their front, but one on the front foot is a dew claw. Now we will draw a small line in the ear, to help us in the next step. Draw it in the ear facing us (the leftmost one), and start it where the ear meets up with the head, in the center of the ear. Don't make it too long.

Step 16:

Next we'll draw the inside of it's ear. Starting at the top of the line we made in the last step, draw a line that matches the shape of it's ear all the way around, and join it back into the top of the original line.

Step 17:

Now for the nose. Draw a small v shape at the center edge of the muzzle. Draw a small line down from the bottom point of the v that goes a little bit off the head (a little more than in my picture). We will use this for the mouth in the next step.

Step 18:

For the mouth, start at the line we just drew and curve it out and come slowly back into the head to shape part of the mouth. The new line will make the head a little bigger, so let's erase the old line. You might have to make the right part of the mouth more curved; I had to.

Step 19:

Now we will start erasing lines. Erase the lines inside the legs and where the foot joins the leg, and erase the big line in it's body (between where we added the chest fur and shoulder).

Step 20:

Now we'll do some light erasing. Erase the top of it's legs lightly, and do the same where the head meets the body. We are erasing lightly because we want these details to still be there, but fainter than the other details.

Step 21:

Now we can start outlining it! Pen works well for me, but you can use whatever you want. Outline all our lines so far except for the areas that we erased lightly (see previous step) and it's chest fur. You can also just use pencil to outline it (by pushing harder) to make it darker and more noticeable, but I personally think a darker utensil such as a pen or fine tip sharpie looks better. Whatever works best for you. :)

Step 22:

Now for it's chest fur. You can do this in pencil first, but we're going to make it look fluffy. Draw little lines like I did to make it look fluffy, or use your own fluff-ifying method. XD Make sure the background pencil lines are erased after your ink dries (if you're using ink) so it doesn't smear.

Step 23:

Now for the lighter details. Outline the top of the legs and head (where it meets the body) very lightly, so it's fainter than everything else.

Step 24:

Now the eyes. I did and left them in pencil, but if you want to try pen feel free too. I did a little bit of shading to make it look cuter, but do the eyes however you want. :) This is your drawing, so you can make any changes or add any details you want!

Step 25:

Now add any additionally details you want! I colored it to look like my bunny, Dash. You can color it too or just leave it white. Add anything else you want to.

Step 26:

Now you are done!! Great job! Thanks for drawing with me! I really enjoyed figuring out how to draw it, and making this instructable. Have a great day! If you have any questions or suggestions for other how-to-draws or bunny positions, then let me know in the comments!! <3 :D

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