Introduction: How to Draw a Rose

For this you will learn how to draw a rose. Hopefully this helps.


Markers (optional)

Step 1: The Centre

For this step, you will need to draw a oval and make the ends pointy. Next draw a swirl in the centre.

Step 2: Side Petals

For this you will draw two side petals, that will make it look a little like a hotdog bun, with the swirl in the middle. Try to over lap them to give it more detail.

Step 3: Middle of the Rose

Next draw a line from the edge of one of the side petals down to the middle, and then repeat that for the other side. (This will make more sense in the pictures)

Step 4: Petals

To start the petals, draw a small rectangle like shape with edges facing the opposite side. This should over lap the bottom of what we did on the last step. Then erase the part that over laps.

Step 5: Petals Part Two

Now you will draw side petals that we will over lap later with more petals. Draw a half a circle on both sides of what we have now. Add some bumps for detail.

Step 6: Petals Part Three

After this your going to want to continue to add petals around the flower. Remember that as you get wider the petals will get wider. You can always add and erase if you don’t like it.

Step 7: Liner

Next I’m just going to trace it with a black pen or marker and erase the other lines. Then you can colour it if you’d like.