Introduction: How to Draw a Woven Hat

This will show how to draw a wool beanie!

Step 1: Start the Outline

Dont worry about the lines being straight!

Step 2: Drawing the Bottom: Part One.

Draw all of the vertical lines on the bottom.

Step 3: Drawing the Bottom: Part Two

Draw the horizontal lines

Step 4: The Top: Part 1

Draw the outer vertical lines tilting as you get to the center

Step 5: The Top: Part 2

Draw the vertical lines in the middle, and then the ones on the outside.

Step 6: The Top: Part 3

Start filling in the other vertical lines

Step 7: The Top: Part 4

Finish the vertical lines, and then draw the horizontal.

Step 8: Now Color!

Now grab two cool colors and two warm colors of pencil/crayons/oil pastel; something smooth and thick.

Step 9: Jk! :) Now Color.

Start on the bottom and color the outmost lines of every horizontal set of lines with one of your warm colors

Step 10: So Close!

Start filling in between the lines you just colored with your other warm color

Step 11: Done!

Repeat steps 9 and 10 on the top and bottom. And your done!