Introduction: How to Draw an Alien ( Crusoe)

Here, I will be drawing an original species of alien I made up called the Crusoe, you’re more than welcome to copy my steps and draw one of your own.

Step 1: Draw a Sketch With Contour Lines

Contour lines are very simple and messy lines that will help you complete your more detailed sketch. Here, I made the head with a circle and a square, and I used lines for the arms and legs.

Step 2: Sketch Over Your Contour Lines Into a More Detailed Sketch.

Here, following the contour lines from the previous step. I added more detail, and created the body of the alien. This is a type of alien I made up called the Crusoe.

Step 3: Complete the Flatcolor

After your sketch is done, fix it up and make it more clean. And after that, you can begin with the regular colors. Which would be the colors before you shade the image.

Step 4: Begin to Shade, Try to Also Find the Source of Light to Make It More Realistic.

Here I added a few shading layers and detail work. This will take practice but it gets easier over time.

Step 5: Color the Sketch Layer

In the previous step, you may have noticed the sketch lines were still black. Here, I selected the later and colored the lineart so that it can blend and overall look better. And here, you’re done! I hope this was helpful!