Introduction: How to Draw an Anime Eye

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If you want to learn a way to draw an anime eye this will show you how *√*


A pencil would be helpful
As would paper.

Step 1: Make the Shape of the Eye

You can do this many ways, to show you I will draw two types but the possibilities are possibly endless.

Step 2: Add the Circle Iris Thing

You want to make the circle in which we will add most of the detail in.

Step 3: Add the Oval Pupil

If you do a pupil you can position it many different ways to determine where your character is looking. You want to share this in darkly.

Step 4: Add the Shadow?

I don't know what it is called but you want to add the thing and kind of curve it till you like it.

Step 5: Now Shade! ;)

If you shade it looks pretty cool. I learned this on accident but hey it works. Don't shade too far down though because it will make your eye look weird and dark.

Step 6: Now You Add the Eyebrow/tension Wrinkles.

I usually just do a curve and a little unfinished circle at the end.
I call the little things tension wrinkles cause when you cry your eyes kind of tense up so the look squished. I also added a year for editorial reasons to make it look good. (Ish)

Step 7: Eyelashes!

This is the last step. If you want to, you can add lashes and make it look more like a girl if you need it too.

Step 8: Good Job

You have finished your lesson. I wish you good luck drawing!