Introduction: How to Dress Your Pup in Pajamas!

Follow the steps below to help get your pup ready for movie night!

Step 1: Get Prepared!

First things first! Grab your pups pajamas and set them next to you, then get your dog and bring he/she to the area where you are going to dress said pup.

Step 2: A Treat Never Hurt Nobody!

If your pup at any time gets figity or decides to make your life a little more difficult, it is always good to place a broken up treat in your pocket or nearby to help them calm down if need be during the dressing process.

Step 3: Pajamas Meet Noggin!

Start from front and work your way to the back! Grab your pjs and stretch the head hole to slip it around the pups noggin.

Step 4: Be Aware of Safety Hazards!

It is common for a pups nails to get caught on the material during the dressing process, so be careful when inserting paws that no nails snag their fit, that would be just Pawful!

Step 5: One Paw at a Time!

Put your hand through the opening of the pajama foot hole. Then grab the aligning front paw gently, you can start with either front paw, and insert the paw through the leg hole.

Step 6: Repeat!

Repeat step 4 on the other front paw and adjust the pajama legs for comfort, they may need to be pulled up depending on the size of your pooch.

Step 7: Third Paw Meets Pj's!

This is where it gets tricky… Lift the back leg of your choice, and lift it up/bend it gently in its natural position to prepare. Then, stretch the pajama leg back and insert the leg into the pajama hole.

Step 8: Repeat!

Repeat step 6 on the last leg standing. Remember, be gentle with the back legs and their positioning during this process.

Step 9: Adjust and Fit for Comfort!

Once you have your dogs feet through all the coordinating holes on the pj's adjust the pajamas to ensure that they are in the correct placement and in a comfortable position for your pup.

Step 10: Make Sure Your Pup Is Picture Ready!

Now you should have your pj’s on your pup! Now double check that the pajamas are placed on your pup correctly and make sure they are able to move freely! If so then they are ready to have their beauty captured in a pic!