How to Dress a Pinata With Fringe

Introduction: How to Dress a Pinata With Fringe

This tutorial covers authentic techniques we use as pinateros to dress pinata with fringe otherwise known as papel picado

Materials needed:

Tissue Paper


Homemade glue

*Recipe to make glue can be found in our How to Make Paper Mache Paste Video

Step 1: Apply Glue

Step 1:

-Cut Fringe from strips of tissue paper

(Tutorial of how to cut fringe can be found in our how to cut fringe video)

-Lightly apply glue to your finger tips

-Slide your fingers across the fringed strip to apply glue

- Only getting the begining of the strip and the end of the strip with glue is crucial

(Avoid putting excess amount of glue on)

**Applying glue to the entire strip is not necessary it will cause over saturation

Step 2: Apply Fringe Layers

Apply fringe strips to front and back of your pinata first

-Start from the bottom and go up layer by layer

-Rip off excess tissue

Step 3: Apply Fringe to the Sides of Your Pinata

- Visually measure sides of your pinata to get correct measurement for your fringe strips

(Ruler not neccesary)

- You then cut strips to size once you get your measurement

(You can do this with scissors or simply rip the tissue paper as you place the fringe down)

- Start from the bottom of either the left or right side of your pinata until you get to the top middle part of your pinata where your twine is

(Turn around and do other side starting from the bottom and going up to the top middle again)

Then Decorate!

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