How to Dry Brush With Spraypaint

Introduction: How to Dry Brush With Spraypaint

For many prop makers dry brushing/weathering is what you need to make any prop look fantastic.It super easy and creates great metallic/ old looking texture results

so in this tutorial i will show you the technique to dry brushing/ weathering.

Step 1: What You Need

.matte black spray paint

.Silver,Bronze or gold spray paint

.A can of white or close to white spray paint

. Colored paint reds,blues,browns,oranges,etc

.Anything you want to paint (Nerf gun,Fake sword,Stencil,Even just a canvas

.Steel wool

(Note in this tutorial i will be painting a Nerf gun)

Step 2: Scraching (for Nerf Guns or Plastic Props Only)

Using the steel wool rub rub the surface all around on the Nerf guns/ plastic prop to scratch it because the paint falls off As it is hard to grip the surface.

Step 3: Metalic Coat

Spray a metallic coat on the prop coating the whole surface evenly .

Step 4: Matte Black

Spray a light matte black coat on the surface.

Step 5: White Coat

Spray a light white coat ,coating some places more than others than do a very very faint matte black spray again.

Step 6: The Dry Brushing

Using a paintbrush dip a bit of the acrylic paint and wipe it on the newspaper until dry and dab on the prob in random spots then rub with a cloth it to remove it off and repeat , Use a variety of colors to make it look aged.

Note(Try to keep the color very faint by rubbing it off with a cloth this will make it look very faint which can make a big impact on the look of the prop. )

And done if you followed the steps correctly you will have a cool looking prop.

Have a nice day.

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    that looks so sick man!!!!