How to Easily Draw a Face




Introduction: How to Easily Draw a Face

In this instructable, I am going to be showing you how to draw a face! Have you ever got that feeling where those faces that you draw, always look wonky? Well, I hope this tutorial can help you go in the opposite direction! I am gonna be showing all the characteristics of the face that you to draw on a face!

Maybe you need to improve on your eyes, your jawline or hair, you name it! Well, this instructable will help with all that you need! Let’s get started!

Step 1: Materials

- Clean paper or sketchbook

- Sharpened pencil/ mechanical pencil

- Eraser (kneaded eraser preferred)

- Black pen/ marker (Optional)

Step 2: The Base

First, very lightly draw an overlapping circle of your choice, but don’t make it too oval or stretchy! It doesn’t have to be perfect because you will be defining the shape of the jawline later.

Step 3: Guidelines

Then, when you have your circle, you need some guidelines too! What you have to do is lightly sketch out a line straight down from bottom to top. Draw another line on both sides of the line you already drew. Then, make a horizontal line across the face. These are your guidelines!

Step 4: Defining the Jawline

Now you can start defining the features of the face! Right under your horizontal line, you start drawing your jawline! Just maybe look at a real person’s appearance and try to copy that! (TIP: reference pictures are always really helpful!)

Step 5: Eyes

After that, you can start drawing your eyes! Lightly sketch a circle under your horizontal line. Then, start defining your eye shape starting from the eyelid! You can make it small, big, average, you name it! If you are drawing a girl, she might need a wing at the end of her eye like a eyeliner.

Step 6: Highlights and Pupils (Optional)

You can skip drafting the pupils and the highlight of the eye if you want to keep it simple! Sketch a dot in the middle of your eyeball and maybe draw the faintest line as a guideline. Draw a big circle on the top right corner of your eye touching the pupil. That is your highlight! Now colour in your eye, start deep on top and then go lighter as you go, then stop at the faint guideline you made! That's all you do for step #5!

Step 7: The Hair

Lastly, repeat step 5 with the other eye and let’s move on to the hair! The hair is very simple! But it is hard to explain how to do it, so please rely on the pictures here, thanks!

(TIP: When you are drawing the hair, move freely with your hand, and let the flowy lines create your hair!)

Just keep on practicing your flowy lines, and you will definitely improve! After you are done, you can start doing the line art or just keep it as it is just like I did!

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    4 years ago

    Good instructions, thanks for sharing your work!