How to Easily Emphasize Your Lips

Introduction: How to Easily Emphasize Your Lips

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In this how to tutorial I will be showing you how to easily make your lips the center of attention!

This technique is nice because you don't have to use uncomfortable lips plumpers or drying matte lipsticks!

You can use all of these tips or one next time you would like to have fuller looking lips!

Step 1: Exfoliate and Moisturize!

Begin by prepping your lips. I would recomend to exfoliate them if you have dry lips, and moisturize to give us a good base to start with.

Tip: apply lip balm about 10 minutes before starting to achieve maximum moisturization!

Step 2: Highlight and Shade

Highlight your upper lip (cupids bow) with a satin-metallic shadow that is a few shades lighter than you skin tone.

I chose to use Moonstone Shimmering Skin Perfector by Becca Cosmetics, but L'Oreal's single eye shadow in Morning Light is an excellent dupe!

I then shaded under my bottom lip with a matte shadow about 2 shades deeper than my skin tone. For this, I used Urban Decays shadow in Naked 2 from the Naked Basics Palette. Any cool contour shade will work well here, with a light hand.

Step 3: Line Your Lips

Grab any matte lip liner that is close to your natural lip color. I am pretty fair, and my lips don't have much color, so NYX's lip liner in 854 Pale Pink is a perfect match for my lips. I lined them and filled them in. This is a good time to lightly overdraw your lip line if you so desire. Having a lip liner that is your natural lip shade makes overdrawing them easy.

I highly recommend NYX lip liners, they are good quality, inexpensive, and they come in a wide range of colors that will suite all skin tones.

Step 4: Add Lipstick and Definition

Here I am first going over the lip liner with a similar colored lipstick. I would recommend a satin/creme to matte lipstick (choose satin or creme for max comfort). The one I am using here is Napoleon Perdis's lipstick in Electra, but I also like to use MAC's Angel. Any creme lipstick will due as long as it is a "your lips but better" shade.

Meaning it is your lip color, but it is helping to even out the tone of your lips.)

Then, choose a lip liner that is 2-3 shades deeper than your natural lip color. I chose to use Urban Decay's lip liner in Naked. (A dupe for that is Jordana's lip liner in Tawny.)

Blend this in with the lipstick in the outer corners and lightly around the edges of your lips to give definition.

Step 5: Pop of Shine

To finish off the look, add a pop of clear or sparkly lip gloss to the center of the lip. I used here Victoria's Secret: Pink's lip gloss in Brilliant. (Unfortunately this is no longer available - to my knowledge).

Your lip look is now complete!

Hope you enjoy and if you do try this out, snap a photo and tag me on Instagram! at @xemilyx93

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