How to Fix a Broken Tire

Introduction: How to Fix a Broken Tire

Step 1:

You will need:
A wife
Her car
Your car
The tire
Tools to remove and reinstall it

Step 2:

First you must detach the tire

Make sure you don't lose the bolts

You know you will if we don't put this step in

Step 3:

Then make sure you clean it because your wife will notice when you bring her car back all messy

Step 4:

Now you will need to drive to the tire store with the tire

Step 5:

Ask the scary guy/girl at the desk for a new tire

Step 6:

Once you get the tire go back to your house with it and reinstall it with those bolts you probably lost.

This is where your wife looks at you thinking "why did I marry this idiot".

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    6 years ago

    Love this - very cool.
    Ya would think this is a joke but when I ran a big filling station, a woman came in with a six wheel horsebox with a hunter in the back - she had a huge four inch gash in the end tire, passenger side - she wanted to know if that tire bond ( the kind ya squirt into the tire to fix a small leak ) would fix her flat.
    we all looked dumbfounded, after being told "no sorry it will not work"! if ya can believe it, she got back into the 4x4, still with huge hole and really expensive horse attached and simply drove off.
    Some people are crazy as a box of frogs