How to Fix a Broken Water Wand (or Anything Else)

Introduction: How to Fix a Broken Water Wand (or Anything Else)

This instructable will help you fix just about anything that has broken using repair putty.

Step 1: Assemble Your Supplies

All you need for this fix or others similar to it is: Gloves, Loctite repair putty and a knife! Don't neglect the gloves. The repair putty is sticky when activated and sticks rather well to skin and everything else.

Step 2: Prep the Surface

Clean the surface of what you are attempting to repair. I just wiped it down with water but the most effective would be to clean using rubbing alcohol or another agent which dries without leaving residue.

Step 3: Cut the Repair Putty and Knead to Desired Consistency

With gloved hands, use your knife to cut a piece of repair putty. It looks like sugar cookies when you cut it. The two different colors are the two ingredients that have to be kneaded to activate. Knead the repair putty until it is an off white color. The kneading process is like mixing two colors of playdough when you were a kid. I've included a shot of the back of the putty package for reference purposes.

Step 4: Apply to the Surface

Quickly take your kneaded repair putty and apply to the cleaned surface of what you are repairing. Smash it into the hole then feather the edges adding pressure to the outside edge. The goal is to fill the gap and feather the edges so this fix will last for years to come. Wait 10 minutes for quick use or 45 minutes for the putty to cure to full strength! That wait time is so much faster than epoxy or other glues.

Step 5: Verify the Fix

As with every fix, you don't know if you've fixed it until you verify. My favorite water wand is working exactly as before and it only cost a dollar to fix. I can forsee myself using this repair putty many times in the future! Hope you found this useful!

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